Solar LED Outdoor Lamp

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Motion-Activated Solar-Powered LED Light Adds Safety to Your Home

Illuminate your home’s exterior with the Motion-Activated Solar-Powered LED. It’s perfect for garage doors, stairways, patios, and pathways. With a built-in solar panel, it charges automatically and never needs new batteries. Plus, there is no complicated wiring to worry about. In fact, you can mount this compact yet ultra-bright light in seconds…just peel and stick!

  • It installs easily without tools thanks to the strong adhesive backing.
  • You can use it almost anywhere on your property to deter intruders and illuminate dark areas.
  • The motion sensor detects movement up to 10-15 feet away and automatically illuminates whenever someone approaches.

Gain a Layer of Security to Your Home

Dark passageways and unlit corners offer an open invitation to thieves. They are also a danger to residents and their guests. Strategically placed exterior lights with motion-detection capability provide the safety you need. It even helps bring more comfort while you walk at night knowing your home is lit and pathways are clear. EverBright boasts durable, waterproof construction as well as easy installation and the convenience of solar power. Features on/off switch.


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